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Monica Sher, MD
Richard Edwards, DO
Elite Medical Concierge

Concierge Primary Care Doctor’s in Orlando

Monica Sher, MD

Dr.Monica Sher, also founded Elite Medical Concierge, was born and raised in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida. She devoted most of her childhood and adolescence to being a competitive figure skater and achieved the award of double gold medalist in figure skating. She completed her Chemistry Education Bachelor’s degree at Florida Atlantic University.

She then dedicated herself to medicine, completing her Medical Doctorate degree at the American University of Integrative Sciences and her Internal Medicine Residency at Oak Hill Hospital near Tampa. Her exceptional skills as a resident led to her selection as Chief Medical Resident during her final year in residency, and she is American Board certified in Internal Medicine.

She is also a Board member of “Debbies Dream Foundation,” which raises funds and awareness for stomach cancer.

Richard Edwards, DO

Dr. Richard Edwards recently moved from Tampa, where he comes to us with over 7 years of in-hospital training. He has always been enthusiastic about martial arts and golf. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Florida. He went on to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine to pursue his love for medicine and completed his residency in Family Medicine at Ocala Regional Medical Center.


Unlimited Sick Visits

House Visits

Office Visits

Hospital Or Rehab Visits

Weight Management

Hospital Discharge Follow Up Care

Travel Medicine/Vaccines


Knee Injections
Shoulder Injections
Carpal Tunnel Injections


We offer one package to all patients for a monthly or quarterly fee. Schedule a free in-person consultation, or fill out the
inquiry form for a callback, where we will answer any further concerns and see if Elite Medical Concierge is the
right fit for you. We only accept some patients due to our high demand. If we find ourselves compatible, we
will start the enrollment process, and your doctor will be one call away when a medical need arises.

For a botox or filler appointment, you can click the “Make an appointment” option even if you are not enrolled in the
Concierge service.


  • Easy Online scheduling
  • Easy 24/7 access
  • Minimal to no waiting time
  • Easy access to your records via the dedicated patient portal
  • Extended unrushed office visits
  • Guaranteed same-day visits via appointments

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A private, primary care practice that delivers an enhanced level of personal care. Patients are intentionally limited in order to give out patient the time they need and deserve with same day guaranteed appointments via telephone, email, virtual visit, in-clinic visit, work visit, house visit, or hospital/rehab visit.

Yes, we can treat minor problems if you are traveling through telephone, email, or virtual visits while your travel within the United States and send prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy. However, call 911 if you have a life threatening emergency, then call us. With the exception of controlled medications, most prescriptions can be ordered anywhere within the USA. if you do have an emergency, we recommend you notify us so we can speak with the treating physician and continue continuity of care. 

To provide the highest level of of medical care and services, empahasing being patient centered and provided convenience .

Smaller practice sizes , by not using insurance for clinic visits, always more devoted time to each patients care and individual needs. Appointments are same day, visits are longer and our communication does not end when the appointment is over. You can call anytime your doctor directly if any questions or concerns needed to be reemphasized.

1201 south orlando ave, Maitland Fl  32751. Please call for appointment/tour. Walk-ins for more information is available, however you will not be able to have a formal consultantation with a physician without an appointment. If you would like to have a non-medical consultation with a physician to see if this practice is a good fit for you , please make an appointment.

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Monica Sher, MD

Richard Edwards, DO

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