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Dr. Monica Sher

Dr.Monica Sher, also founder of Elite Medical Concierge, was born and raise in the beautiful sunshine state, Florida. She devoted most of her “younger years” being a competitive figure skater and was able to achieve the award of being a double gold medalist in figure skating. She completed her Chemistry Education Bachelor degree at Florida Atlantic University. She then dedicated herself to medicine completing her Medical Doctorate degree at American University of Integrative Sciences, and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Oak Hill Hospital near Tampa. Her exceptional skills as a resident led to her selection of Chief Medical Resident during her final year in residency and is American Board certified in Internal Medicine. She has many years of diverse experience between working inside and outside the hospital. She is equipped to manage many levels of care. She is also a Board Member of Debbie Dreams Foundation to help raise funds for stomach cancer research. She is not all work though, she also enjoys traveling, golf, live music, and is frequently spotted on Park Ave. She is known for her warm bedside manner, compassionate nature and an ability to connect easily with her patients.

About Us

Elite Medical Concierge established our concierge medical practice when we first recognized specific undesirable trends in healthcare. Because our approach believes these negative trends are unsustainable, we found a medical practice based on a new model which allows our physicians to provide the high level of care desired by our patients without the hassles of traditional medicine. We eliminate long wait times, provide almost instant access to our physicians, increase time with our physicians, and provide other significant benefits desired by our patients.

To achieve this, we do not take insurance for any of our services- your services are included in your retainer fee. However, you need insurance for any services provided outside the clinic such as labs, referrals to specialty physicians, or hospitalization. We do not have NPs and PAs; you will always see the physician.

 You will have direct cell phone access to your physician, and then together with your physician, you will decide what type of visit is needed. Since our patient panel is small, we know our patients very well, and the majority of the time, there is no need to come into the clinic, although you are always welcome.

You can have your questions or concerns addressed through a phone call, FaceTime, or virtual visit. We do not want you to miss work or your day-to-day plans if this can be avoided and you still get the healthcare you need. However, some visits will require you to come into the clinic depending on the severity of your needs. Also, we provide house visits or visits at your work office, which are among the most patient-centric services in concierge medicine.

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Why is Dr. Sher so passionate about this?

By Dr. Sher

I have experience in the outpatient general practitioner setting and experience working as the physician you see in the hospital. While working outside the hospital, I was allotted 15 minutes for a patient.

This is not enough time to cover everyone’s needs- assess their blood pressure logs, have a thorough physical exam, provide preventative care, discuss more than one concern, etc. Many times patients needed to make a second appointment to cover all their needs.

On the other hand, some patients did not need to miss half a day of work/school for a “simple visit” that could have been covered over a telephone call. I know I don’t have the time for two visits to address all my needs. Then while working on the hospital end of medicine, many patients could not have ended up there if their general practitioner had the time to see them and listen to them in order to work them up properly.

Many patients leave the hospital without a full workup because they have to return to work or school that they cannot miss, and this scared me. We’re so busy and lack convenience to a physician that we jeopardize our own health. The moment I became a doctor, family and friends would call me to diagnose them.

Some were simple phone calls as I know all my family/friends well enough not to have to physically see them; other times, I have literally gone to their houses to evaluate them as they were tempted to go to the urgent care or ER but have children which cannot be left home alone or simply don’t have the time to spare to sit in an urgent care or ER.

I truly enjoyed being able to help anyone I could and not be pressed for time while seeing them, so I thought, how can I make THIS my career?  

After years of contemplation, I put my plan into motion to be a Concierge Physician, which is exactly what I went to school for — to practice medicine with compassion and build my patient-physician relationship, not deal with insurance companies and documentation all day. I love practicing medicine in this fashion, and my patients are satisfied.  This is the kind of physician I always wanted to be.

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